Accepted Payment Methods: We currently accept all major Indian and international credit and debit cards, NEFT or online bank transfers, The GULABAE Gift Card, and RazorPay. For alternative payment methods, please contact our customer service at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292, or email us at gulabaejewels@gmail.com.

In-Store Availability: To check if an item sold online is available in-store, contact our customer service at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292, or click on the WhatsApp icon. In-store pick-up is available at our New Delhi flagship store, requiring a 2-day notice for a hassle-free experience.

In-Store Pick Up for Online Purchases: In-store pick-up is available at our New Delhi flagship store. Please bring the online invoice, and schedule pick-up from Monday to Saturday, between 11 am to 7 pm.

Purchase Assistance and Customization: For assistance, advice, or customization of your purchase, contact our team at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292, or gulabaejewels@gmail.com. Our personalized services include styling, jewelry advice, and exclusive bridal appointments.

Order Processing and Delivery: Orders are processed within 7-21 business days. We offer free shipping within India and international shipping for orders over $10,000 USD. Custom duties are not included for international shipments.

Custom-Made Orders: Custom-made orders take 5-45 days, depending on the complexity. Minor customizations take 5-7 days, while creating a new piece may take up to 30 days.

Exchange and Return Policy: We offer a 100% buyback and exchange guarantee. For details, refer to the Exchange and Return section under NEED HELP on our website.

Jewelry Care Guide: Follow our care guide to keep your jewels sparkling. Avoid wearing them to bed, use a polishing cloth, and schedule a 6-monthly check-up.

Gift Cards: Purchase GULABAE Gift Cards on our website. Use the card during online purchases, check the balance via email, and replace a lost card by notifying us.

Engraving Services: We offer custom engraving services based on jewel size and design. Contact our experts for details.

Brand Trust Seal: Our 100% Brand Trust Seal signifies quality, certified diamonds, and a lifetime buyback and exchange guarantee.

Shipping Information: Complimentary shipping is available pan-India. We do not currently ship internationally.

Gold and Diamond Certification: All products are hallmarked, ensuring gold content (22k, 18k, or 14k). Certified diamonds are used in our jewelry.

Personalized Messages and Gift Wrapping: Include a personalized message with your purchase and enjoy complimentary gift wrapping for online and in-store purchases.

Receipts and Pricing: Receive an auto-generated receipt via email after online payment. Prices on the website are subject to change based on gold rates and product availability.

GST Inclusive Pricing: All prices on GULABAEJEWELS.COM include 3% GST, as per the Government of India's mandate for gold and diamond-studded jewelry.

Privacy Policy: We use order information for order fulfillment and do not disclose credit card information to external sources.


Client Support and Further Assistance: For any additional assistance with your GULABAEJEWELS.COM purchase or to schedule an appointment, contact our stylists and jewelry experts at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292, or gulabaejewels@gmail.com. Explore our Exclusive Client Services under NEED HELP for more details.

Personal Shopping Services: GULABAE offers exclusive personal shopping services, tailoring unique pieces to your preferences, needs, and budget. From customizing to offering gift suggestions, our team is dedicated to creating a personalized experience. Exclusive bridal appointments are available at our Bridal Concierge.

Always Sparkling Jewels: Follow our GULABAE Care Guide to ensure your jewels remain as radiant as you are. Avoid wearing them to bed, use a microfiber polishing cloth, and schedule periodic check-ups for your pieces.

Online Purchase Adjustments: If your online purchase doesn't fit or requires changes, contact our sales executive at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292, or gulabaejewels@gmail.com. We'll schedule a pickup and incorporate the necessary changes.

GULABAE Gift Card Usage: When making an online purchase, you can use your GULABAE Gift Card during checkout. The amount will be deducted from the total, and you'll receive an email confirmation and a call from our sales executive.

Balance Check for Gift Cards: Receive an official email with the updated balance of your GULABAE Gift Card after each purchase. Contact our customer service team for balance inquiries.

Engraving Inquiries: For inquiries about custom engraving, including names, special dates, and other important words, contact our jewelry experts at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292.

Brand Trust Seal Meaning: The GULABAE 100% Brand Trust Seal represents our commitment to quality, certified diamonds, and a lifetime buyback and exchange guarantee. Further details can be found in THE GULABAE PROMISE section under ABOUT US.

Shipping within India: Complimentary shipping is available throughout India, securely handled by BVC Logistics for precious jewelry.

International Shipping: Currently, GULABAEJEWELS.COM does not ship internationally. We use FED-EX/UPS Priority for international shipments, with clients responsible for customs duties.

Gold Verification and Caratage: All GULABAE products are hallmarked by an independent Government-authorized Assay agency, verifying gold content (22k, 18k, or 14k). The hallmarking is visible to the naked eye.

Transparent Information on Weights: Detailed information on net gold weight, diamond weight, and precious stone weight is provided under each jewel's product description and invoice.

Certification for Diamonds: GULABAE utilizes certified diamonds in its jewelry, ensuring quality and authenticity.

Inclusion of Personal Messages: Include a personalized calligraphy message with your purchase by contacting our team at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292 after completing the transaction.

Complimentary Gift Wrapping: Enjoy complimentary gift wrapping for all online and in-store purchases, including luxurious blue packaging, a signature satin ribbon, an GULABAE gift card, and a gift receipt.

Receipts for Online Purchases: An auto-generated receipt/invoice is sent via email immediately after payment processing, providing a detailed breakdown of the purchase.

Price Change Policy: Prices on GULABAEJEWELS.COM are subject to change based on current gold rates and product availability.

Inclusive GST Charges: All prices on GULABAEJEWELS.COM include 3% GST charges, adhering to the Government of India's GST mandate for gold and diamond-studded jewelry. No additional GST is applied.

Privacy and Credit Card Information: We prioritize your privacy and use order information only for order fulfillment, ensuring credit card information is not disclosed to external sources. For more information, refer to our privacy policy.


Client Assurance and Satisfaction: At GULABAE, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and ensuring your satisfaction. Our team of professionals is committed to building lasting relationships with our clients, leaving no stone unturned to deliver nothing but the absolute best.

Procurement and Manufacturing Process: Our robust procurement and manufacturing process involves expert supervision at our in-house workshop. Each jewel is meticulously handcrafted, utilizing certified diamonds and undergoing hallmarking by an independent Government-authorized Assay agency to verify its gold content (22k, 18k, or 14k).

Lifetime Guarantee: We stand behind the quality of our jewels with a lifetime buyback and exchange guarantee. Every jewel is warranted to be free from defects of materials and workmanship for one year.

Ample Inventory Selection: Explore our one-stop-shop with an inventory of over 1,500 breathtaking jewels displayed at our flagship store. Find a jewel for every occasion, whether it's daily wear, festive, or bridal.

Transparency and Information Accessibility: We believe in transparency and provide detailed information on our website regarding net gold weight, diamond weight, and precious stone weight for each jewel. Additionally, an invoice is issued on the GULABAE letterhead for your reference.

Responsive Customer Care: Our customer service team is readily available to address any inquiries, concerns, or assistance you may need. Contact us at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292, or gulabaejewels@gmail.com for prompt support.

GULABAE Care Guide: Refer to our exclusive care guide to ensure your GULABAE jewels always shine. Follow the guidelines on wearing, cleaning, and storing your precious pieces to maintain their brilliance.

Custom-Made Jewels and Bridal Consultations: Whether it's a custom-made order or an exclusive bridal appointment, our team, along with the Founder and Chief Designer, works closely with you to create designs that are unmatched and truly bespoke. We follow a consultative approach, handholding you through the entire journey to bring your dream jewel to life.

Flexibility in Customization: Customization options range from minor adjustments taking 5-7 days to creating entirely new pieces, which may take up to 30 days based on design complexity.

Exclusive Bridal Services: Experience personalized bridal appointments at our Bridal Concierge, where our team collaborates directly with the bride-to-be to create designs that are distinctive and tailor-made. We prioritize understanding the bride's personal style to craft a trousseau that is truly extraordinary.

Client Services and Further Assistance: For any kind of assistance with your GULABAEjewels.com purchase, from information on our jewels to personalized advice and services, contact our team of stylists and jewelry experts. Schedule an appointment by reaching us at +91 9811114880, +91 9871504292, or gulabaejewels@gmail.com.

In-Depth Product Descriptions: Our website provides detailed product descriptions, ensuring you have comprehensive information before making a purchase decision.

Exclusive Offers and Pricing: Stay updated on exclusive offers and pricing on our website, reflecting the current gold rate and product availability.

Quality Assurance and Certification: GULABAE guarantees the authenticity and quality of its diamonds through the use of certified diamonds in the manufacturing process.

Personal Interaction Opportunities: Participate in personal shopping experiences, where our team of stylists ensures you get exactly what your heart desires, offering unique pieces suited to your preferences.

Continuous Improvement and Client Feedback: We continuously strive to improve our services and offerings. Your feedback is valuable to us, and we welcome any suggestions or comments you may have.

Thank you for choosing GULABAE, where the pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and client satisfaction is our utmost priority.