Jewelry Manufacturing Process At Gulabae Jewels
Certainly, here are the brief steps in the jewelry manufacturing process at Gulabae Jewels in India:


Designing: Expert designers at Gulabae Jewels conceptualize the jewelry piece, ensuring it aligns with the brand's unique aesthetic and client preferences.


CAD (Computer-Aided Design): Modern CAD software is employed to create detailed 3D models of the design, allowing for precise visualization and adjustments.


CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing): CAM software is used to translate the digital design into machine instructions for manufacturing processes like milling and 3D printing.


Model Making: Skilled artisans at Gulabae Jewels craft a physical model of the jewelry piece, often using wax or other materials. This model serves as the master for mold creation.


Rubber Mould: A rubber mold is produced from the model, capturing all design details. This mold will be used in the wax casting process.


Waxing: Wax replicas of the jewelry piece are meticulously created using the rubber mold, providing a 3D blueprint for casting.


Casting: The wax models are invested in plaster, then heated to eliminate the wax, leaving behind a precise cavity. Molten metal is introduced into this cavity, forming the final piece.


Grinding and Filing: After casting, the jewelry might require refinement to eliminate any rough edges or imperfections. This is achieved through careful grinding and filing.


Assembling and Pre-Polishing: Various components of the jewelry piece are assembled, and pre-polishing is done to remove any visible marks or scratches.


Metal Setting: Highly skilled craftsmen set gemstones into the metal, ensuring they are securely in place, and the setting complements the design.


Polishing: The jewelry is polished to a high shine, bringing out its luster and enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


Rodium Plating: If necessary, jewelry might undergo rhodium plating to achieve a brilliant white finish, particularly for white gold pieces.


Quality Control: Each jewelry piece undergoes rigorous quality control checks at Gulabae Jewels. Inspectors ensure there are no defects, that stones are secure, and the piece adheres to design and quality standards.


At Gulabae Jewels, every step in the jewelry manufacturing process is executed with precision, passion, and commitment to producing exquisite, high-quality pieces that reflect the brand's unique style and craftsmanship.