Gemstones in Trend 2023
We at Gulabae Jewels creating contemporary fine jewelry designs in India, use the following trending gemstones to appeal to modern tastes:


Tanzanite: At Gulabae Jewels, we would be captivated by the alluring blue-violet hues of tanzanite, making it a top choice for adding elegance and modernity to our designs.


Moonstone: We would harness the ethereal and iridescent qualities of moonstones to create pieces that exude a sense of mystique and uniqueness.


Tourmaline: Vibrant tourmaline in shades like paraiba, watermelon, and chrome would be featured prominently in our collections, infusing our designs with bold and striking colors.


Pearls: We adore the timeless charm of pearls, both traditional and baroque, and would use them to add sophistication and classic appeal to our contemporary jewelry.


Sapphire: Our designs would showcase sapphires in various colors, including pink, yellow, and green, to offer our customers an array of colorful, eye-catching options.


Lab-Grown Gemstones: Staying committed to ethical and sustainable practices, we would incorporate lab-grown diamonds and colored gemstones to cater to the eco-conscious preferences of modern consumers.


Amethyst: The deep and regal purple of amethysts would find a place in our designs, adding an element of timeless elegance to our contemporary pieces.


Opal: To infuse a sense of enchantment and magic into our designs, we would incorporate opals for their captivating play of colors.


Enamel: Although not a gemstone, enamel would be used in combination with gemstones to create colorful and modern designs that reflect the spirit of Gulabae Jewels.


As Gulabae Jewels, we understand that contemporary jewelry designs must be innovative and in line with changing trends. To stay current with our latest collections and the gemstones we're using, we encourage our customers to explore our stores and reach out to us for the most up-to-date information on our designs.